Hi! I’m David Collin.



Why The Vortex?

I call this blog The Vortex because, IMHO, we’re in the center, the eye of multiple impulses of change that I can only think of as a vortex. A little melodramatic? Perhaps, but the pushes and pulls around us seem to be in a whorl greater than at any time in my life, and the spin appears to be increasing. And by “us” I mean not just the folks here in the US but worldwide. Indeed, the connectedness of events among people across the globe is one of the primary dynamics that makes the force of change so potent.

I spent over three decades in the field of cancer control. Now I’m able to spend more time on a set of broader interests that grew during my career.

The topics I’m interested in exploring and discussing are indicated — loosely — by the categories below. They may be tag-able as separate topics, but they are  undeniably inter-connected. That’s fascinating itself.

  • Medicine and Health: a changing paradigm

  • Cancer: the pedagogue

  • Digital society: constant flux

  • Genetics in our lives

  • Nanotechnology and the room below

  • Global change

Caveats and Disclaimers

I’m not an MD or a PhD. I’ve been in the cancer field for a long time, but I certainly won’t be making any recommendations about the disease. I do my best to get my ideas and facts straight. I try to be mindful to indicate what’s my opinion. I invite corrective feedback in the spirit of getting things right and expanding the informational value of the content. This blog is just my small contribution to the growing corpus of information the internet has opened for us.

1 Response to “About THE VORTEX and its author, David Collin”

  1. 1 Stellie
    January 26, 2010 at 11:48 pm

    Great website! A little too intimidating for me to leave a comment since it looks very proficient and professional..but here I am. :) See you soon~

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